How You Can Help.

note You can make a difference. The epidemic of childhood and adolescent obesity is pervasive and is affecting the lives of millions of families. The Obesity Prevention Foundation needs the resources to craft solutions at community levels and State and Federal legislative levels to fight the battle for our children. Many powerful forces stand to impede the development of better policies for our children that will insure they have the opportunity to grow up healthy and free from the devastating effects of childhood obesity.

These initiatives take time, effort and money. Our reach and educational programs for at-risk families require resources to execute. Legislative and lobbying programs require resources to break through to the lawmakers and remind them of the importance of our children and of our responsibility as stewards of their health, growth and development. Industries that profit handsomely from the sales of unhealthy foods, high carbohydrate snacks and massive calorie content to our youth and to our schools have much greater resources and much readier access to government officials and legislatures. Our children deserve better. They deserve our help and our help requires resources.

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