How You Can Help.

Obesity has become the #1 health problem in our communities and in our nation. Obesity-related death has, or will shortly, overtake smoking-related death as the #1 cause of early mortality in the U.S. Two thirds of Americans are overweight or obese. One third of kids are overweight or obese. Soaring, epidemic rates of childhood asthma and diabetes are the result. Youth Obesity Information and Media

The Obesity Prevention Foundation was formed by physicians, who treat patients at the late stages of the obesity disease process, after conditions like asthma, diabetes, and respiratory disease, have set in. And yet, as physicians, we find ourselves in a unique position to shed light on this epidemic and offer practical solutions.

It begins with prevention.

Obesity is a preventable disease. As the stewards of our children’s health, we all, as adults, parents, role models, mentors, health care providers, teachers, media representatives, political leaders, and business owners, must play a role in preventing obesity among our youth. As community leaders, we owe it to our children to lead them toward healthy growth, with healthy athletic bodies, sharp minds, and boundless opportunities.

If we do not take responsibility for the health of our children, who will?

The problem of childhood obesity is a complex one. It is not enough to blame the individual parents and turn away from the health deterioration of a generation of youth. The poor health of this coming generation of kids will lead to less work productivity, greater sickness and health costs, poverty, and strains on social services. It is widely predicted that this generation of youth will be the first to fail to outlive its parents, due to obesity.

It is not enough to blame schools, or fast food, or computer games, or lack of physical education, or lack of community safety, or high fructose corn syrup, or government policy. It is not enough to blame, and not act.

The time has come to act.

family The Obesity Prevention Foundation has initiated several multidisciplinary interventions to combat the epidemic of childhood obesity. We are committed to changing the course of this epidemic and making a difference in the lives of children and Americans. You can help.

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